W E L C O M E !

Fast-paced, qucik games in BETA stage using the 3D RAD engine. Later more scenery and a menu system will be added alongside many other tweaks. The main goal is to motivate IT students towards coding and OOP in 2021. TOURMOIL is free for everybody to enjoy! Development takes place at BKSZC Pogány Frigyes Technical School.



Tutorial on making a racing game in the rain.

Tutorial on implementing jums in games.


Classic vehicle introduction - MÁVAG-MERCEDES N56

Classic vehicle introduction - TRAM TYPE 1000 WOODEN



3D RAD and TOURMOIL need DirectX and MS Visual C++ 2005 to run, you can access them here.


Balázs Zsigmond Horváth
Bence Blaske
Kálmán Frankó
Botond Csorba

Ádám Győri
Milán Fekete
János Vilmos Nagy
Máté Kamarás
Ferenc Farkas
Sebestyén Garam
Ákos Orosz

(modeling, tweaking, quality assurrance)

Special thanks to Wendell Sweet (also for the PROVING GROUND models)

Special thanks to Ishkandar Mirzoev (also for the JOYRIDE models)

Special thanks to Filip Vojacek (also for the TOTAL RETRO civilian pedestrian models)

Special thanks to György Rácz (also for Hungarian building models)

Special thanks to Csaba Szász (also for Hungarian vehicle models)

Special thanks to Francesco Villani (also for the new TOURMOIL logo)

Original Voodoo police car, 1962 Lincoln, GOLIATH base, GAZ 14 base and Phoenix models by lowriderfreak.

Original KITT and KARR models by Dukeboy320.

Original Cadillac Commando model by florianosR4572.

Original Buick GNX model by GG Projetos & Design.

Original MAZ 537 model by TheArtist.

Original ECTO-1 model by mandun.

Original Velorex model by Hoeishetmogelijk.

Original Christine model by Quent54180.

Original Bf109 and U-BOOT Typ VII C models by Götz von Berlichingen.

Original Spitfire model by jimbob.

Original HMS Agamemnon model by alvin.

Original SU-17 AND MIL 17 models by mandun.

Original F-16 model by set0s.

Original T-34 model by Apanasenko.

Original TU144 model by paradox.

Original control tower model by JMP617.

Original ferris wheel model by Randy.

Original IKARUS 66 model by Burkhard B..

Original F-117 model by lopez.

Soviet car models by RetroCarsUSSR.

Original ZIL 130 model by John Millimetron.

Laser cannon model by Rock-n-Roll.

Thank you for various others.


If you liked to support us, please drop us an e-mail at zsmondi@gmail.com.


3D RAD Sandbox - a site dedicated to 3D RAD development and projects, a feast to the eyes by Wendell Sweet. Lots of awesome downloads alongside the 3D RAD engine.

The YouTube channel of our friend, Wendell Sweet with awesome in-depth tutorials and work-in-progress video guides.

https://3drad.boards.net/ - 3D RAD forum by coders, scripters and other professionals.

The YouTube channel of our friend, Iskandar Mirzoev - his experiments and projects are jawdropping.

The YouTube channel of our friend, REFEREE Aleksandr - his drifting experiments and projects are a visual feast.

Polystudios on ModDB - our frineds who are creating very promising abstract projects with 3D RAD.

MELTINGPOT on ModDB - no explanation needed... :)

https://box-studio.itch.io/ - also a 3D RAD site by BOX Studios focusing on racing and platforming games.

3D MESH TUTORIALS - a quality YouTube channel concentrating on various game engines and game asset deisgns.

Railway History Exhibiotion Pages - an in-depth collection of valuable historical data concerning rail vehicles and catering services by György Nehéz.

Dedicated to the loving memory of László Blázovics.

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